Neighbours in Need

The aim of this project is to offer a cost free Repair/Maintenance service on a one off basis to our neighbours in and around Wymondham (10 mile radius).

It is not intended to replace the support offered by existing statutory or voluntary services, but is designed to fill those gaps where the neighbour’s needs cannot be met by those agencies.

The project team is made up of volunteers who are passionate about communities, and are keen to offer “hands on” support to those families and vulnerable adults in need living amongst us.

Requests for help will be assessed following confirmation that:

  • The neighbour in need has been turned down by all existing responsible agencies and
  • is not in a position to self fund the task.

Examples of types of support available:

  • Where the agency involved has supplied a skip for garden clearance but the neighbour is unable to undertake the task of clearing the garden due to disability, ill health, etc.
  • Where the tenant/householder has had a fence panel blown down and cannot afford to have it put back up.
  • Where the neighbour has applied to South Norfolk Council’s Handyman service for a small repair to be done, but cannot be seen, due to pressure on that service.
  • Some social landlords offer paint/decorating vouchers to new tenants, and we would consider helping with some of the decorating where that tenant has physical or mental health issues, or is a single parent without family support.

Each assessment will be undertaken by two team members. They will assess our suitability/availability for the task, carry out a risk assessment of the task involved and any other environmental risk factors involved.

Provided we are able to complete the task safely and efficiently we will agree a suitable timetable to do so (subject to availability of volunteers)

Any materials required for tasks undertaken will need to be funded by the recipients or their supporting agencies.

There will be no charge for any tasks undertaken, but recipients of support may make a donation to the Neighbours in Need project fund if they wish to.

For more information or to make a referral:

Tel: 07366 851748 | Email:

Neighbours in Need